Aaron Haug

Pastor Aaron and his wife Ashley knew each other from a very young age, knowing each other from the very same church they got married in. Pastor Haug had attended First Pentecostal Church of Knox for 16 years, prior to this, The House of Prayer in Plymouth, IN.  Sister Ashley joined hands in ministry and marriage with Pastor Hāug in 2008. She attended the House of Prayer, in Plymouth, IN, for 22 years prior to marrying Pastor Hāug. They have been blessed with two wonderful children, Isaias and Vera. Together Pastor and Sister Haug and their children's mission are to see souls saved and making heaven their home, in addition to reaching out to those who are in need. They are passionate about people of the greater Chicago region and strive to see the church thrive through ministering at Worship Tabernacle and throughout the greater Chicago area!

Pastor and Sister Aaron Haug

  July 2021  
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